Futaba 14MZAP 14-Channel PCM/R5014DPS Rx 72MHz Mode 1

Product Detail

2 Custom cut RC Screen Protectors for the Futaba 18SZ.

We all love the glorious, large, color, touch screen of the Futaba 18SZ but it is this touching, and the subsequent cleaning, that can lead to scratches.  The addition of a inexpensive and easy to replace Screen Protector completely eliminates this risk.  It is low cost insurance to protect your investment and its resale value.

Please keep in mind that our Screen Protectors were designed for touch screens.  You will not notice ANY difference in the “feel” of your screen. 

Futaba 18SZ RC Screen Protectors

Price: 13.95

Your Transmitter Is Worth It!

RC Screen Protectors